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Biography about me.

4/22/14 by ihatebeer
Updated 4/25/14

Full Name: Hunter Bennett Stewart

Born in: 8/11/99 at St. Mary Hospital in Rogers, AR

Height: 164 cm (5'4 3/4)

Chest: 42 Inches

Waist: 42 Inches (I'M A FATTY seriously)

Biceps: 13 Inches

Thighs: 24 Inches (Solid)

Calfs: 15 Inches (Solid)

Likes: Electronic Dance Music, Minecraft, Exercising, Making Music and Food

Dislikes: Vegetables, Insects, Today's Pop Music and Country.

Favorite 2 Song: Martin Garrix - Animals, Tom & Jame and Jaggs - Blazin

Least 2 Favorite Song: Team & Royals - Lorde


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What kind of exercising? Like powerlifting?

4/23/14 (Updated 4/24/14) ihatebeer responds:

Probably not but that looks very try-able maybe i should do that.