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Question of the week: Why do a lot of people anymore support gay marriage?

2014-01-22 14:19:08 by ihatebeer



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2014-01-22 15:10:00

Because gay is the way today. But hey, if you don't believe what I say, go away and take a survey in Bombay. Ask the valet, the man with the toupee, or those at the buffet. They all might say that two men who lay and play are risque and astray, and they portray the decay of morality today. But they may also say that they are ok with gay, and that Renee and Faye can roll around in the hay, and rub each other with soft clay, or simply give each other a bouquet as a love display. But nay, there's no other way for me to convey this explana...........tion.


2014-01-23 07:34:44

I see that you use the logo I made ;)


2014-01-24 17:16:13

That is a question I might answer because the human mind can change in an instant by being taught or just by having there own opinion I support gay marriage one of my cousins are gay it just basically comes down to yes I like it or no I don't like it and right now some people are on the side they pick because they wanted to or was forced into it.
...wait a minute...did I just answer the question?